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Zipline History

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on September 7, 2012

While attractions like our Pigeon Forge zip line have become quite popular in just the last few years, the zip line itself has been around in various forms for centuries. This simple device that moves people and things from one place to another via rope or cable can be found in cultures all over the world—and often as a basic means of transportation rather than as a form of entertainment. For example, in mountainous countries, ziplines are a way for people to get around, and in remote areas of China, ziplines are used instead of bridges to cross certain rivers.

In earlier days in Australia and New Zealand, small ziplines called “flying foxes” were used to deliver food, cigarettes, tools and more to anyone working on the far side of a river or gully. Australian troops have used them to deliver food, mail and ammunition to forward positions during wartime.

Of course, today, ziplines in America are primary used for fun. You can find everything from short homemade ziplines in family backyards to large-scale attractions like Smoky Mountain Ziplines, where 24 different ziplines offer fun, excitement and mountain scenery.


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