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Where To Stay In The Smokies – Part 2

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on August 8, 2023

In our last post, we took on a weighty topic - how to choose accommodations when planning a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. We discussed factoring in considerations such as what town you plan to spend the most time in, what types of activities you expect to be doing and how much money you're willing to spend.

Then we got into some of the nuts and bolts in terms of what types of lodgings are available for Smoky Mountain visitors. We started with two of the most popular types of accommodations - hotels/motels and vacation rentals such as cabins, condos and chalets.

This week, we're going to dive into some other types of places to stay when traveling to the Smokies, beginning with the bed and breakfast inn. You'll typically find these businesses located in the more remote regions of the county, particularly in some of the outlying areas of Gatlinburg. But there are properties to choose from in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge as well.

Some of the more remarkable B&Bs benefit from amazing mountain views and offer a wide range of onsite programs and amenities, including hiking trails, horseback riding and topnotch food service (particularly for breakfast). The atmosphere is usually charming and laid-back at a B&B, and the pace of life is relaxed. These are places to kick back and relax, read a book, maybe work on a puzzle and enjoy the views.

Another lodging category to consider is the short-term rental property, a la Air BnB and VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). These have become very popular in the last 10 years. The property itself is often part of the owner's actual residence, whether it's just a room or an entire floor. Sometimes, the owner doesn't live on site, so you get an entire house to yourself.

There really is an entire spectrum of STRs out there in terms of location, from properties situated in the heart of town to those that are more out in the boonies. You'll also see a lot of different approaches to amenities. For example, Internet service is common, and you can often take advantage of the owner's streaming services on the TV. Thoughtful hosts typically provide goodies like bottled waters, snacks, mini fridges, books, DVDs and more.

For a long time, one of the biggest advantages of STRs was their cost, often falling significantly below the price of the average hotel room. However, in the past few years, it's been common for hosts to advertise an attractive rental price, but when you see the final cost after “cleaning” fees and other charges are added, the total price can increase by as much as double the advertised rate. So proceed with caution.

And don't forget about camping. That's a great way and an affordable way to stay overnight, especially if you and your family are fans of the great outdoors. There's a lot of options when it comes to camping, ranging from basic tent camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park to RV camping in the national park as well as in a number of privately owned RV campgrounds and resorts to unique sites that are known for glamping in rustic but upscale accommodations like treehouses or amenity-filled canvas tents.

Wherever you wind up staying on your next visit to the Great Smoky Mountains, we hope that you decide to stop by Smoky Mountain Ziplines and join us for some ziplining. Sevierville, Tennessee, as well as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg accommodations are all great choices because our central location makes us easily accessible from any of those places.


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