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We are all about safety!

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on May 16, 2010

One issue that's bound to cross your mind when ziplining—especially if it's your first time out—is safety. Let us start by telling you that our Pigeon Forge canopy tours and Super Zipline course are designed with safety in mind and that our experienced staff of guides is continuously focused on keeping all zipline customers safe while enjoying their outdoor adventure. All ziplines are rigged for maximum security, and each participant is issued a safety harness with carabiner clips, protective gloves for steering and braking, and a safety helmet.

At each landing/launch station, guides ensure that everyone is continuously tethered to the platform, and each participant is released for zipping only when the guide has securely clipped that person's harness to the trolley device, which is locked onto the zipline itself. Guides are stationed at both the launch and the landing platforms, and no one is allowed to launch until the rider at the far end of the line has completed the journey and has been safely released from the zipline. The bottom line is that if you listen to your instructors, you'll have a safe and super fun day zipping your way through the Great Smoky Mountains!


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