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Get Ready To Zipline!

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on March 14, 2023

It seems like just a few days ago that we wrapped up our 2022 season here at Smoky Mountain Ziplines. But our winter hiatus has already flown by, and after a couple of months of riding out the cold weather, we're preparing to get the party started for our 2023. We're checking out all our zipline cables and support structures and safety gear so that we'll be ready to give our guests the ride of a lifetime.

If you've ziplined with us in previous years or even if you've done any zip lining in Tennessee at any other location, you know what it's like to ride that steel cable, zooming past the treetops with the wind in your face and your feet dangling as you fly as high as 150 feet above ground level.

But if you're a zipline newbie, or if you've never been to our location in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you have a lot to look forward to this year. Our mountain zipline course features seven different ziplines, starting out with the shorter lines to get first-timers acclimated and then peaking at lines as long as 800 feet. In all, our ziplines total more than 4,200 feet of cable, guaranteeing plenty of air time at speeds as fast as 25 miles per hour.

No previous experience on a zipline is necessary. Once you arrive, our team of guides will suit you up with all the safety gear you'll need (harness, helmet, etc.), and then they'll spend some time showing you how to ride the zipline, from getting clipped on to the cable to launching yourself into the great wide open to arriving at the landing platform. Each tour group has one guide at each end of the cable, so someone will be there to make sure you take off and land safely.

And on our course, you don't even have to worry about slowing yourself down. Our ziplines features breaking mechanisms that automatically decelerate you as you approach the landing platform, and from there, your guide can reel you in the rest of the way, if necessary. There are a few things to keep in mind during each zipline run, but don't forget to open your eyes and enjoy the scenery and the sensation of flying.

But there's a lot more about the Smoky Mountain Zipline experience to enjoy during your tour. For starters, our groups have fun just getting up the mountain. We shuttle our guests 400 feet to the top of the course in military transport trucks, which provide a scenic ride through the mature forest that covers our acreage. We also offer a vertical descent feature that allows you to essentially rappel 30 feet to the ground from one of the landing platforms with the assistance of your guide.

Speaking of our guides, they're not only good at what they do and very attentive when it comes to guest safety, but they also can be very entertaining. One of the most frequent comments we receive is how fun our guides can be in the intervals between zipline runs.

And one of our best attributes is available absolutely free of charge - amazing views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Especially when you're perched on our tallest support structures, you'll enjoy panoramic views of the Smokies range that are definitely worthy of a photo or two.

If you're not already following us on Facebook, start today, and you'll be able to keep up with the latest news and announcements about our schedule this season, from our opening date until we start to scale our tours back as next winter's cold weather closes in. Our page also shares lots of other information about special events and things to do in the Smokies while you're in town.

We look forward to seeing you here this year. Give us a call or make a reservation online to book your next tour!


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