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5 Things That Will Surprise You About Smoky Mountain Ziplines

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on June 5, 2018

If you've never ridden a zipline before, there's a good chance there will be some parts of the experience that take you by surprise. But even if you're a seasoned zipliner, we think your first time trying out our Pigeon Forge zip line attraction will still have its share of unexpected plusses. This week, let's take a look at some of the ways you might be pleasantly surprised by your first visit to our little corner of the Great Smoky Mountains.

1) We have lots of ziplines

Many zipline attractions in the Smokies only offer one or maybe just a handful of ziplines for their guests. We have seven ziplines altogether, and they total more than 4,200 feet in length. That means we offer more airtime than most other zipline places in the area. That also translates to more overall time spent at our outpost. Usually, you can count on two hours of enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful outdoors of the Great Smoky Mountains. And then when you factor in the price of your zipline experience, you'll also realize that we represent one of the best zipline values in town.

2) You won't spend too much time walking

Even when you're not flying through the air on a zipline, there's not a lot of time spent on foot at our attraction. Typically, the end of each zipline run is a short distance from the beginning of the next one, so trekking time in between ziplines is kept to a minimum. We have even better news for those of you wondering how you'll get to the start of our canopy tour. We have M35a3 military transport trucks that haul each tour group to the top of the mountain to begin the zipline descent back toward the bottom. So most of the ground you cover is accomplished by four wheels or by zipline power!

3) We have more than ziplines

Most of your travel on the tour is along our zipline cables, but we do have a special feature between two of the ziplines that you won't find at most other attractions. With the help of our guides, you get to descend from one landing platform to the following launch platform via a 30-foot assisted drop. It's similar to rappelling, except you don't have to push off the side of a building. Just step back off the platform, and your guides will gently ease you down to the ground and onward toward your next flight. It's fun!

4) The views are tremendous

That's one thing most folks don't expect when they get here. While much of our hillside tour is ensconced in dense forest growth, there are several spots where the views open up on large chunks of the Smokies range. These are very photo-worthy moments you don't want to miss.

5) Our guides are funny

Each tour group is accompanied by two guides, and yes, they're experienced group leaders who are very good at what they do and make guest safety their number one priority. But they're also pretty darned entertaining. They usually have plenty of jokes ready to go, and they have a great rapport with guests that helps them relax (especially the first-timers). In fact, one of the most common bits of feedback we receive from our guests is how much they like our guides. Give us a try and see for yourself!


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