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Zipline News From Around The World

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on July 21, 2020

Every now and then, we like to check in on what other zipline attractions around the country and around the world are up to. Some of these businesses are brand new, while others are rolling out new features or ziplines. Sometimes, the news is more about the people who are doing the ziplining. In any case, we always find lots of fascinating zipline tidbits to share with our followers.

But remember that you don't have to travel all over the country or the world to find exciting zipline action. Just give us a call at Smoky Mountain Ziplines or visit our website and schedule a tour with us for your next trip to Pigeon Forge.

We'll start in southern Spain, where the Supertirolina VK Twin attraction is set to open in August, making it the Andalucia region's longest zipline. Located at Sunview Park, the high-flying attraction measures 4,429 feet long and gives passengers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea as they zip along at speeds up to 62 miles per hours. The line has a 10 percent decline, and zippers have the option of riding in the lying or sitting position. The zipline features 20mm cables and an automatic brakes system (much like the one we have here at our zip lines in Gatlinburg). Believe it or not, though, this isn't the longest zipline in Europe. That honor goes to a line in Aragon that measures 5,900 feet. That's over a mile!

While we're on the subject of long ziplines, we'll make a brief stop in Armenia, where construction on the longest zipline in that country has just been completed. Located in the town of Kapan, the two-part zipline measures approximately 5,900 feet in total length and passes over the buildings located in downtown of Kapan. The attraction just opened this week, and the operators are taking measures to protect guests from exposure to coronavirus.

Ziplines are also popping up all over Norway too. Visitors at the zipline attractions there get to enjoy the ride and also some of the most remarkable scenery in Scandinavia. Check out this Visit Norway video, which shows cool clips of the longest and fastest ziplines in that country, including footage of an old ski-jump venue that's been converted into a zipline attraction. Here's the link:

Finally, we'll end up in Dublin, Ireland, where we watch an 83-year-old grandfather go ziplining at his grandson's 12th birthday party. The line was just one activity at a local adventure park, which offered some 50 different challenges for the birthday boy and his friends. The grandfather, Noel Walsh, became the oldest person to ride the ziplines at this particular zipline site. Watch his ride here:

Back here in the good old USA, we're having a big summer as we continue to take groups on our seven-line canopy tour course. Each two-hour tour (approximately) offers a total of 4,200 feet of zipline cable, with some of our lines towering as high as 150 feet above the forest floor.

We've learned from our regular guests that our attraction offers a lot of value. In addition to the length of the tour, our experience includes highlights like soaring pole towers in the middle of the forest, a 30-foot vertical-descent feature, well-trained and extremely entertaining guides, and some amazing views of the Great Smoky Mountains. That's no exaggeration. These are the kinds of views you typically have to drive out of your way to find when you're in the area. Fortunately, we're located just two miles off the Parkway, so you don't have to travel far to find some unforgettable mountain vistas.

Call us or go online today to book your tour in advance. We are currently not taking walk-in groups.


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