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Unique New Businesses In The Smokies

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on October 24, 2023

Anyone who's ever visited Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Sevierville more than once knows that new attractions, restaurants, shops and lodging properties are opening all the time. Often, these new businesses are just more of the same type of things that already exist in the Smokies. But sometimes, we hear about the debut of new ventures that seem to stand out.

So read on to learn about some of the latest new faces in town. We can't personally vouch for any of these experiences, but we can at least let you know that they exist and then leave it up to you to be the guinea pig. One thing we can vouch for, however, at Smoky Mountain Ziplines is our attraction. We're certainly not new - been around for almost 15 years - but when it comes to ziplining Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there's not a better experience in the Smokies.

Iconic Air & Sea Adventures

This one caught our eye because it involves aviation, AND it has a water component as well. Based in Sevierville, this adventure company offers aerial tours of the skies over the Great Smoky Mountains. Tours take place aboard ICON A5 aircraft, which are known for their cutting-edge technology and safety features. Your tour may include flights over features such as woodlands, rivers and mountain peaks. Your pilot will also share information about the region's history and natural features along the way.

“So what's unique about that?” you may ask. Following your aerial tour, your pilot will do a series of water landings and takeoffs on Douglas Lake. That's because the ICON A5 is an amphibious aircraft, which allows it to function on both land and water. These are two-seat planes, so only one passenger at a time. But what a cool idea for a romantic getaway, a family outing or even a corporate team-building exercise.

The Wayback

Yes, there are literally hundreds of hotel and motel properties in the Smokies. But here's a new one that may be unlike any others you've seen so far. It's called the Wayback (as in “way back when”), and you'll find it across the Parkway from The Island in Pigeon Forge. The theme here is totally retro, and they pump up those vibes around every corner, from the furniture and décor to many of the amenities offered on the property. It all looks like it's straight from another decade. In some areas, you'll get a '50s feel, while others may come across as more '60s or '70s in theme.

Suites feature a king bed, fridge, mini bar and 500 square feet of living area. The Two-fer rooms come with two queen beds and are ideal for a friends' outing. Other amenities include access to their Swim Club (pool), access to a fitness center, locally roasted Vienna Coffee K-cups in the rooms, a vintage Airstream bar area and more.

Dig 'N Zone

This one's not quite open yet, but they're making progress, and it looks as if they'll certainly be up and running by next spring, if not sooner. We've been hearing about this new Sevierville attraction for over a year now. The theme is truly one of a kind: It's a place where you can play with real-life, full-size construction equipment and other pieces of heavy machinery. With more than 25 different activities spread out over 27 acres, this place is for both kids and adults. Equipment includes excavators, skid-steers, rollers, forklifts, loaders and others. The gear is all adult-sized, but it's all been modified so that it's safe to use for all us amateurs. That includes limited speeds and mechanical ranges, seat belts and remote shut-offs.


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