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Romance Abounds In The Great Smoky Mountains

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on February 6, 2018

There's just a little over a week left until Valentine's Day, that special occasion when couples of all ages, all over the world, celebrate their mutual love. For many, it's a holiday of tradition, one that involves gift giving and other demonstrations of affection. This year, however, consider upping your game a little bit and making the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee the backdrop for this year's romantic festivities.

This week, we at Smoky Mountain Ziplines would like to pass along some suggestions for ways you can incorporate all things Valentine into an awesome getaway to the mountains.

• Book a cabin

Spending time alone together in the mountains is almost always a romantic proposition, but instead of the usual hotel or motel accommodations, consider booking an overnight rental like a cabin or chalet. These properties offer one key advantage in terms of privacy; imagine being tucked away in a secluded cabin in a remote spot in the mountains, waking up to panoramic views of the Smokies and relaxing at night in front of a roaring fire or in the bubbling relaxation of an outdoor hot tub. These chilly nights of February were custom-made for those kinds of moments.

Maybe you can swing an entire week to yourselves, but if traveling in the middle of next week isn't possible, you can probably find a rental company that will let you book a cabin for slightly belated Valentine's Day trip that weekend. And since it's just the two of you (presumably), a one-bedroom cabin with any of the area's reputable overnight rental companies will more than suffice in terms of space, and there's the added advantage of one-bedroom properties being less expensive than larger ones.

• Go out to dinner

Yep, this has been a trusty mainstay of Valentine's Day observations for decades, but it's been that way for a good reason. For one thing, neither person has to cook, which is an automatic win for both parties. Plus if you find the right spot, a dinner out can be a great mood setter – from dim lighting and candlelit tables to smooth background music and, sometimes, awesome nighttime views of city lights. (Although all three cities in Sevier County have great dining options, Gatlinburg in particular is most likely to have a restaurant that checks off all the items mentioned above.)

And no matter what your taste in cuisine is, you will find just the right eatery in the Smokies to satisfy your palate. Of course, steak and/or lobster dinners are ideal for a Valentine's Day meal, and you won't have any trouble finding an establishment here that will do the trick.

• Gift the gift of gifts

Did you know that we all have our own love languages? Supposedly, some people value physical touch, others appreciate acts of service, some prefer words of love, and others see giving/receiving gifts as an expression of love. If your special someone falls into that category, then you have no excuse for finding the best gift to say, “I love you” in the Smokies. There are literally hundreds of retail stores to choose from, carrying everything from clothing and footwear to tools and arts and crafts. Regardless of your significant other's gender, age or tastes, this is the one place where you'll be able to get your hands on the goods.

• See a show

Since Valentine's Day can be considered an official date night, maybe you and sweetie-pie can spend some time out on the town. In the Smokies, that can take many forms, from seeing a live stage production at one of the many music theater venues in the area to catching a live band at a local nightspot to seeing one of the latest film releases at either of the newer multiplex theaters (14 screens in Sevierville, 5 in Pigeon Forge).

So don't panic… There's still time to pull together that Valentine's Day getaway that she (or he) will love. Too bad that Valentine's Day doesn't take place in warmer weather; otherwise, we'd suggest paying us a visit so you can zip line Gatlinburg, TN.


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