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Look Out Below!

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on December 12, 2013

Part of what makes ziplining exciting is the fact that you're pushing yourself to do something that's probably outside your comfort zone. As human beings, we're simply not used to hanging in a harness from a cable strung high in the trees and speeding along at 40 miles per hour across a ravine. And while safety is our number one objective, ziplining does give you the feeling of living on the edge.

One zipline operator in Florida, however, may be pushing the thrill of ziplining to its uncomfortable limits. At the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, visitors can travel through the attraction via a 49-station obstacle course, which includes 10 ziplines. That's right; guests strap themselves in and look down at the open mouths of alligators, crocodiles and other exotic critters lounging below as they fly by overhead.

As one of Florida's oldest tourist attractions (it's been around for 120 years), the alligator farm features all 23 crocodilian species as well as lemurs, giant tortoises, vultures and more. The longest zipline on the course is only 300 feet, and guests have to climb rope ladders, traverse high wires and walk balance bridges just to get to each zipline.

Of course, our Smoky Mountain zip line course offers plenty of thrills without the prospect of being gobbled up by a wild animal. We have 24 lines on our canopy tour, most of which are much longer than 300 feet and give you plenty of room to work up to a good speed. And our views are pretty amazing too. Actually, we recommend looking out at our beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery over looking down at hungry alligators.


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