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Cool Zipline News From Around The World

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on May 30, 2017

School's out, and Memorial Day is in the rear-view mirror, which means we're in full-on summer vacation mode here at Smoky Mountain Ziplines. We're the highest rated outdoor attraction in Pigeon Forge according to TripAdvisor, thanks to our long-and-fast ziplines, stellar views, awesome guides and the best Pigeon Forge zip line prices you'll find.

Our customers love being able to spend a few hours outdoors with us, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the Great Smoky Mountains, all while experiencing one of the most thrilling hands-on attractions around. Whether you're brand-new to ziplining or an old pro, our canopy tour has everything you're looking for and more when it comes to unforgettable vacation fun. Give us a call or contact us online today, and we'll help you get that bucket-list item crossed off on your next trip to the Smokies.

In the meantime, though, we also like to show how unique ziplining is by sharing stories of other zipline attractions from around the world. In some cases, the stories of the people riding the ziplines are the real focus, but in all cases, these tidbits of news all convey how fun, exciting and versatile the mighty zipline can be.

For starters, one of the longest and fastest zipline centers in Europe has just recently opened in Croatia. The main zipline is 1,700 meters long (more than a mile) with speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour (68 miles per hour). That's really long and really fast! To make it even cooler, riders are suspended from their harness in the prone position so that they're flying like Superman. To get a taste of what that zipline has to offer, watch this video.

Speaking of record-setting ziplines, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines is home to the world's longest ziplines that run over water. The 1.7-kilometer and 1.2-kilometer ziplines are at Hannah's Beach Resort and Convention Center and eclipse the previous world record set by a zipline outpost in Haiti. More than 100 locals and tourists ride the zipline on a daily basis. The shorter of the two lines opened in 2013, while the longer one made its debut back in December.

Meanwhile, in Acapulco, Mexico, daredevils are taking on the nearly mile-long zipline in Puerto Marques Bay, which spans nearly a mile and also takes its passengers over water at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour, suspended 328 feet above sea level. Four separate lines run parallel from the nearby mountaintop on the mainland, over the bay and to the end of the course at the tip of the Cabo Marques peninsula. To put yourself in the harness, so to speak, watch the video here.

These are all ziplines that currently exist in the world, but here's a look ahead to what might wind up being the world's longest ziplines – at least until someone tops it. Located in Armenia, the Yell Extreme Park will have a zipline that stretches 2.7 kilometers – 1.68 miles! It will be 200 to 300 meters off the ground (up to 1,000 feet), and the flight will last three minutes, reaching a possible maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. That's around 75 miles per hour.


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