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Cold Weather Travel Tips

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on January 7, 2014

It's a good thing we're on hiatus for a couple of months, because right now is definitely not a week in which riding a zipline would be much fun. With single-digit lows and highs in the teens, it's the kind of weather that can not only be un-fun, it can also be downright dangerous if you're not paying attention.

But we realize that lots of folks may still be traveling in the Smokies this week, so if you're hitting the road anyway, here are a few tips for traveling safely during these extreme cold temperatures:

• Never let your gas tank get below half full. You don't want to risk running out of fuel and being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

• Make sure you have a fully charged battery. Car batteries are weakened by cold weather, and this is no time to have to pull over and jump-start a car.

• Check your tire pressure. Cold weather can cause tires to lose pressure, so make sure you keep a pressure gauge in your car.

• Watch for black ice on the roads. Even if it hasn't been snowing, hard-to-see patches of solid ice can make for treacherous driving.

• Make sure you have plenty of clothes on hand in your vehicle in case you do have a flat tire or breakdown.

• When road conditions are dangerous, try not to drive, but if you have to, slow down and increase your following distance.

We hope you enjoy safe travels early in 2014, and we hope to see you back at our zip lines in Pigeon Forge when it starts to warm up!


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