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Big Adventure That's Big on Safety

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on February 10, 2011

Hooking yourself up to a zipline that's suspended high in the air and speeding from tree to tree like a bird is truly one of the most adventurous and memorable experiences you can have in the Great Smoky Mountains.

But at Smoky Mountain Ziplines, we want to assure you that ziplining has nothing to do with being a daredevil. In fact, we give you all the right equipment and provide you with all the instruction you'll need to navigate our 14-line canopy tour or our 4-line SuperZip course with the assurance that you're in the best of hands.

Our lines are made of thick steel cables that are firmly attached to each tree or platform on the tour, and each of our guests is outfitted with a properly fitting harness, a helmet and thick leather gloves that are used for braking and steering. Our carabiners—the clips that are used to hook you onto the trolley that glides along the cable—are just like the ones used by mountain climbers and keep you securely attached to the cable at all times—even when you're standing on a platform.

Then our trained guides will show you everything you'll need to know to properly launch, steer, brake and land on each zipline. On each leg of the tour, one guide will make the run at the front of the group, just to double check the line, and then await each zipliner at the end of his or her run. The other stays behind to make sure you get launched at just the right speed.

With all that taken care of, you can hang on and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!


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