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5 Reasons To Go Ziplining This Week

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on July 10, 2018

If you're looking for ideas for creating unforgettable memories on your next trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, read on. This week, we're going to make our case for why a trip to Smoky Mountain Ziplines should be on your itinerary when you visit the mountains of East Tennessee. We think the evidence is overwhelming, so by the time you're done with this blog post, you may already have your phone (or mouse) in hand, making plans to come see us.

1. The fun

Whizzing through the air at speeds you typically have to be in a car to achieve, high up in the air among the treetops, is just plain fun. It's like riding an amusement park ride, except it's just you, without a transport vehicle, suspended from a cable that's far above the forest floor. It's a freeing experience that taps into our innate sense of adventure and our longing to break free of the daily bounds of gravity. Ziplining lets you go higher and faster than you typically get to experience just walking around living your life, which is why it's so common to see our guests smiling when they arrive at the landing platform.

2. The challenge

It's not instinctive for a human being to step off a high platform into a void of air. Even when you're wearing a bunch of safety gear and you know you're securely tethered to a zipline itself, the brain puts up a little bit of resistance. Being able to push past that, trusting that you're in good hands, is an accomplishment in itself. But once you've entered that void and you find yourself soaring like a bird through the treetops of a forest canopy, you realize that the little bit of discomfort you might have felt was totally worth the payoff of cruising along on one of our ziplines.

3. The beauty

Our zipline course is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the most beautiful, unspoiled tracts of acreage in the country. The property itself is thickly wooded, hilly and offers spectacular views of some of the highest peaks in the Smokies range. There are points along our tour where you'll simply want to stop long enough to get out your phone or camera and take some stunning shots of the nearby majestic mountains. You'll also appreciate the quiet. Our rural location isn't crowded by other attractions and development, so you'll enjoy a truly peaceful wooded experience. When you're alone in the middle of your zipline run, all you'll hear is the hum of the zipline trolley over the cable.

4. The convenience

Although we benefit from a remote mountain setting, our property is still easily accessible to most folks traveling through the Smokies. We're just two miles off the main Parkway in Pigeon Forge, so if you're staying in a hotel or motel on that thoroughfare, you can be at SMZ in about five minutes or so. It doesn't get any more convenient than that. Unless you live on our property. And we don't let people do that.

5. The value

When you weigh the price of our canopy tour against the total number of zipline feet that our course offers, you'll see that we're one of the best zipline values in the area. Our seven lines stretch out to more than 4,200 feet of cable. That's just a 1,000 feet short of a whole mile! We also offer discounts for guests who book online, enlisted military personnel, senior citizens and groups of eight or more. Plus if you find our Smoky Mountain Ziplines coupon in a brochure or guide publication, you're in for even more savings!


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