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4 Ways To Make Memories On Your Next Smokies Vacation

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on May 16, 2017

These days, it seems that folks are always looking to acquire more stuff in their lives, but when you think about it, even the most expensive toys are of little value in the end. Like they say, you can't take it with you.

At Smoky Mountain Ziplines, we believe that the people in our lives and the experiences we share with them are what matter the most. Experiences over things. That's why vacation souvenirs eventually wind up being neglected, forgotten about or discarded, while the stories you and your loved ones tell about that same trip live on in your minds and can even get handed down from generation to generation.

So this week, we're offering a few ideas for places to go and things to do that are likely to be high points of your next trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. It's OK to go there, do that and get the T-shirt, but it's the memories you create with your family and/or friends that will be your true legacy.

Ziplines, baby!

We're a little partial to this one, but we see with our own eyes, every day, the impact that spending a few hours on our zipline course has on our guests. There's something about being able to relax in our tranquil wooded setting, enjoying panoramic views, perhaps facing their fears together and definitely sharing the exhilaration of flying through the air on our zip lines in the Smoky Mountains, high above the ground, that has a way of naturally forging bonds. It happens with married couples, parents and children, and, in many cases, total strangers who just happen to be participating in the same canopy tour.

Make your escape

Adversity has a way of bringing people together, especially when everyone involved is working toward a common goal. And when you can add fun to the mix, the result is a recipe for great memories. That's why escape-room attractions are so popular these days. Teams are typically “locked” in some sort of themed room and are given a limited amount of time to escape, having to rely on solving clues and puzzle challenges in order to break their way out. Look for attractions like The Escape Game, the Gatlinburg Escape Room Game and Kryptology Escape Rooms for an experience you'll all be talking about for years.

Climb every mountain

Actually, we just wanted to borrow that line from The Sound of Music, not suggest that you literally climb every mountain in the Smokies. But you should definitely climb one of them together on your next trip to the Smokies. Maybe Mt. LeConte. You can make it to the peak and back down in less than a day, no problem. Along the way, you'll see unforgettable sights, get some exercise and maybe even conquer a few fears. After all, not everyone who visits the national park can leave saying they climbed the third highest peak in the Smokies.

Throw away the playbook

Sometimes, not having an itinerary and just hitting the road without an agenda can lead to unexpected surprises. Maybe set aside one day of your Smokies vacation and instead of planning out a schedule, try heading out in the car or on foot or in a trolley and see what you run across that grabs your interest. Serendipity has a way of leading to encounters and adventures that have more long-term impact than the best-laid plans.


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