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Maximizing Your Zipline Experience

By Ross Bodhi Ogle
Posted on September 6, 2022

If you haven't had a chance to visit us yet this year, there's still plenty of time left to schedule one of the most fun outdoor experiences to be had in the Great Smoky Mountains. In fact, we'll be running tours all the way through the fall season, and between the more moderate temperatures and autumnal colors to come, one might argue that our best days of the year have yet to arrive.

But we don't want to just run our tour groups through like machinery. We want each of our guests to have the best time possible, so with that in mind, we're going to offer you our recommendations for ways to make the most out of your canopy tour in the Smokies. Just follow these guidelines, and we can almost guarantee that you'll walk away already itching to schedule your next tour.

Contact us first

We used to take walk-ups, but these days, we ask that you call us in advance to schedule a tour - or book it on our website. This makes it a lot easier to manage and balance the sizes of our tour groups and to efficiently schedule our staff. In the end, it also makes for a more fun experience for our guests.

Take advantage of discounts

This will help you save a little money on the front end. We have a Smoky Mountain Ziplines coupon in various guide publications throughout the Smokies, and our own brochure allows you to take $15 off your reservation at the time you make it. You also save $15 when you book online. Enlisted military personnel and their immediate families receive an additional $5 off any ticket, as do seniors ages 65 and older. Even if you're not aware of any of our advertised specials, our staff will apply the best deal available to your party on the day you arrive. And we do offer discounts for larger parties, so when you attend as a group of eight or more, you qualify for discounts as well.

Adhere to our participation guidelines

For everyone's safety, we do have several rules that we must enforce. For example, guests must be at least eight years old and weigh at least 60 pounds. We also cannot allow guests who weigh more than 275 pounds. Other guidelines include no open-toed shoes, skirts or dresses. And while the rest of your wardrobe is up to you, we do strongly suggest that our guests wear either pants or long-ish shorts, so that the harness straps aren't too uncomfortable or restricting. We also discourage the wearing of tank tops or string tops or loose pants like sweats or yoga pants.

Arrive on time

We schedule tour groups for the entire day, so if one group is running behind, that affects everyone else scheduled for the remainder of the day. So we ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time, which will allow you time to finish registering, sign our waiver, finalize your payment and get geared up.

Listen to your guides

Our guides are nice, fun-loving, easy-going folks, but it's also important that you follow their instructions closely. They'll be involved with you from the moment you suit up with safety gear until the very end of your tour. Most importantly, they'll tell you how to safely ride the ziplines, and they'll give you specific instructions about how and where to place yourself when you're on each launch and landing platform.

Prepare to have fun

Maybe you've ziplined before, or maybe this is your first time, and you're a little nervous about it. Either way, just know that our staff will be taking care of you and making sure it's a safe outing. So relax and enjoy yourself and get ready to have a day in the mountains you'll always remember.


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